Sunday, October 27, 2013

Artificial wombs: is a sexless reproduction society in our future?

The womb is a dark and dangerous place, a hazardous environment," says University of Virginia Professor Joseph Fletcher. Fetuses are 100% dependent on their mom's health and sensible judgment. If the mother falls prey to accidents, disease, or inadequate nutrition, the embryo can become traumatized.

Although naysayers believe that this bold science makes us less human, most experts predict that artificial wombs will one day be accepted by mainstream society as more people recognize its many benefits. Babies would no longer be exposed to alcohol or illegal drugs by careless mothers, and the correct body temperature would always be maintained, with 100% of necessary nutrients provided.

Dick Pelletier
Ethical Technology

"Modern" childbirth is insane and unnatural enough already: The Business of Being Born

pacman7331, a commenter on this article summed it up well:

I think scientists are the disciples of Satan, they put up a pseudo-compassion front but only actually care about gaining their own power over others.

These brazen intrusions into the natural course of nature are abominable. The effort to reproduce without male sperm and eradicate the male, homosexual reproduction, human cloning, and now these artificial wombs. It’s obvious humanity is no longer evolving, but devolving, as the pace of technology and cunning out run spiritual enlightenment. What a way to solve your own personality disorders, invent some demonic device that you control which you’ll unleash on the world with sadistic laughter.

If there ever was God, we need him now, I’m sure however the Atheist scientist egotism will stand up in a air clawing rave to call down shame upon me. Humanity: your well is broken, you are no longer human. No true human being would attempt this sort of demonic perversion, people like you are of a different race entirely, one that is focused only on power and domination through force, a materialist soulless race of the dead who feed on destruction and perversion.

Science I think your days are numbered, your accelerating curve of cunning will slow, as it does your destructiveness will catch up with you and you will fall into the pit of hell you dug for others. You think you can escape spiritual law with Transhumanism? Your fate will enforce it’s debts even in your cybernetic dulled consciousness of perversion. All you scientists who think you can cunningly surmount the order of the universe to your petty personal gains, I look forward to your downfall.

No guise will be opaque enough to protect you.


  1. New MTV show, 'Generation Cryo' ...

    1. Wow! That's quite dismal.

      Brave New World is already here


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