Saturday, June 22, 2013

Michael Hastings - U.S. Citizen Sanctioned Drone Strike Assassination????


How many subtle references to the September 11 psychological operation can you find in this particular psy-drama?

I noticed these:

1. Engine next to curb with the police tape
2. Witness who "thought they saw a missile"
3.Pet goat(?) in the arms of a man standing next to a Hollywood producer/witness(By the way)
4.White tarp over the car reminiscent of the blue tarp over wreckage at the pentagon(cover up)

If you notice any more, please list them in the comments.


  1. This is such a BS story.
    And this guy is a major gatekeeper. He wil never reveal that MSM is the fourth branch of goverment.
    Journalits are presstitutes bought and payed for and dont die like inn this badly scriptet PSYOP BS propaganda fiction who is presented to the nonthinking debt/tax SERFS of the world.
    It makes me sick and i am tierd of the manipulation and blatant LIES!!!


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