Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Bombing Hoax, Blown to Bits

The most damning series of photos I've seen from a mass-media psyop to date.

Boston Bombing Actor

Official source(?)

Video by Max Malone


[4/23/13 7:39:26 PM] James Stigmire:
Hello chris, I have just had some thoughts on the lack of blood in this photo

You and markus had different views, yours being that the photo might be 'real', and markus cgi. The lack of blood proves the photo is fake, whether its cgi or staged with makeup or fake legs etc.

The basketball injury is real if you ask me, it is possible to there be a lack of blood. Might not be major veins and arteries in lower leg, I dunno. I found some videos on youtube of people breaking their legs, as grim as that sounds, so view them at your discretion lol 0.58 no blood (knee) 1.11 no blood (this guys foot is sideways lol) - 2.04 some blood (ankle)

So on the injury which was the worst looking, the ankle one, there was blood, so if your whole lower leg is missing there would be so much blood
[4/23/13 7:42:40 PM] James Stigmire: 1.27 on the last one, and turn your sound off, its loud

The blood in wrestling is real, the blade themselves with a razor, I only found that out recently. But the guy cuts himself too deep, look at the amount of the blood, and there is blood everywhere at the end of the match. Bare is mind this is blood with sweat so there will be more i imagine

If the photo is CGI, then the lack of blood could be a issue that it is difficult to make realistic looking blood spray out of a leg, and if the photo is staged, then no blood until the guy pulls out the blood bags, and if the photo is real, then blood everywhere lol

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